13.1 miles. Did it!

I did it!
13.1 miles. 2 hours 4 minutes and 5 seconds!
yes...to me, those seconds count!
My mind is ready for this challenge. I know that I do this in a couple of weeks. My intention with this mornings run was to go 17 or 18 km, but who would have thought by that point I would mutter to myself, "what is another 3 or 4 km?!" The last couple were truly easy!- no, never in my entire life did I ever imagine those words slipping from my mouth! Yay for me!!!! Happy Saturday! 
And check it out- that calorie burn deserves a massive piece of something sinful!


Biggsuzi said...

Best of luck in your upcoming race!!! It is a wonderful feeling!!

Teresa Killam said...

SO awesome! Well done. Have a great race!!